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Carol Guess

Carol Guess received a BA from Columbia University in 1990 and an MFA from Indiana University in 1994.

Guess is the author of several poetry collections, including How to Feel Confident with Your Special Talents (Black Lawrence Press, 2014), which she cowrote with Daniela Olszewska; Tinderbox Lawn (Rose Metal Press, 2008); and Femme’s Dictionary (Calyx Books, 2004).

Guess’s poetry is known for its embrace of hybrid forms and its exploration of feminist and LGBT themes. Randall Brown, the founder of Matter Press, writes, “Carol Guess builds the most wondrous word-nests, each one holding something precious, each one surrounded by the world-at-large, afire.”

Guess currently teaches creative writing and queer studies at Western Washington University. She lives on the Washington coast.

Selected Bibliography

How to Feel Confident with Your Special Talents (Black Lawrence Press, 2014)
Doll Studies: Forensics (Black Lawrence Press, 2012)
Darling Endangered (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2011)
Love Is a Map I Must Not Set on Fire (Vrzhu Press, 2010)
Tinderbox Lawn (Rose Metal Press, 2008)
Femme’s Dictionary (Calyx Books, 2004)

With Animal (with Kelly Magee; Black Lawrence Press, 2015)
F IN: A Novel (Noctuary Press, 2013)
Gaslight (Odd Girls Press, 2002)
Switch (Calyx Books, 1998)

By This Poet


Scryer's Bridge

Thirteen on ice, skating, I died. Boys dragged soft fields with the lifts in their shoes. We'd gone in search of the other, the fat girl. Hurried to drown her past Hurricane Ridge. White snowed on white, ice over feathers. Cutters knit sweaters, buried alive. Our parents wore dog suits and panted through breakfast. Once she was me. We'd burned her last spring. Girls crocheted scarves, feigned a rope bridge from fringe. Rescue, blue scissors slitting black ice. Blades etched fine nets on the upside-down lake. My choice was speech or a taffeta skirt.