Beckian Fritz Goldberg

Beckian Fritz Goldberg was born in 1954 and grew up in Arizona. She received an MFA from Vermont College in 1985, and her first book, Body Betrayer (Cleveland State University Poetry Series), was published in 1991.

She is the author of several poetry collections, including Egypt from Space (Oberlin College Press, 2013); Reliquary Fever: New and Selected Poems (New Issues, 2010); Never Be the Horse (University of Akron Press, 1999), winner of the 1999 Akron Poetry Prize; and In the Badlands of Desire (Cleveland State University Poetry Series, 1993).

In a review of In the Badlands of Desire for the LA Review of Books, Lisa Russ Spaar writes, “I am grateful for the ways in which her work in Badlands and beyond has remained preoccupied with the slippages of tale, myth, fable, and story.” Goldberg’s work is known for its striking, often surreal imagery, and she cites Jean Valentine, Michael Burkard, and Charles Wright as major influences. She teaches in the MFA program at Arizona State University.