Arthur Gorges

Arthur Gorges was born around the year 1569 to an aristocratic English family and received a BA from Oxford University in 1574. The son of the Constable of the Tower of London, he went on to serve as a Member of Parliament for four different constituencies beginning in 1584. He wrote prolifically during his lifetime, and his poetry was published posthumously as The Olympian Catastrophe (Cayme Press, 1925) and Poems (Clarendon Press, 1953). In 1614 he published a translation of Lucans Pharsalia (Edward Blount, 1614) for which his cousin, the poet Sir Walter Raleigh, wrote the preface; he is also known for his translation of Francis Bacon’s The Wisdome of the Ancients (Iohn Bill, 1619). He died on October 10, 1625, in London.