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Anzhelina Polonskaya

Anzhelina Polonskaya is the author of Paul Klee's Boat (Zephyr Press, 2012).

By This Poet



He broke up the sky on the square and gave it like bread crumbs to birds.
Then he cut it in pieces and threw it to the beggars,
the crazies, the blind, and their companions.
But I got an end, smashed like a cup thrown to the ground,

lying on its back like a wounded soldier,
uncomplaining, as a harem wife
hiding her gaze behind a black veil.
The plains' bed is spread with houses, and everyone

beneath it ages like a slave chained in bondage; 
save his high-cheek-boned face.
Tensing my voice I started to refuse my free portion.
But I stayed mute, the sky's mouth was filled with lead.