Ann Stanford

1916 –

Ann Stanford was the author of eight collections of poetry, including a posthumously published selected collection, Holding Our Own: The Selected Poetry of Ann Stanford (Copper Canyon Press, 2001). Also a literary critic, Stanford published two books of essays on the poet Anne Bradstreet, Critical Essays on Anne Bradstreet, with Pattie Cowell (G. K. Hall, 1983) and Anne Bradstreet: The Worldy Puritan (B. Franklin, 1975). She died in 1987.


Holding Our Own: The Selected Poems of Ann Stanford (Copper Canyon Press, 2001)
Dreaming the Garden (Cahuenga Press, 2000)
In Mediterranean Air (The Viking Press, 1977)
Climbing Up to Light (The Magpie Press, 1973)
The Descent (The Viking Press, 1970)
The Weathercock (The Viking Press, 1966)
The White Bird (Alan Swallow, 1949)
In Narrow Bound (Alan Swallow, 1943)