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Ann Fisher-Wirth

Ann Fisher-Wirth was born in Washington, D. C. and grew up in Germany, Pennsylvania, and Japan before her family settled in Berkeley, California. She received a BA from Pomona College in 1968 and a PhD from Claremont Graduate School in 1981.

Fisher-Wirth is the author of several poetry collections, including Mississippi (Wings Press), which is forthcoming in 2017; Dream Cabinet (Wings Press, 2012); Carta Marina (Wings Press, 2009); and Blue Window (Archer Books, 2003). Known for her interest in environmental literature, she is also the coeditor, with Laura-Gray Street, of The Ecopoetry Anthology (Trinity University Press, 2013).

The poet Cecilia Woloch notes, “Every poem Ann Fisher-Wirth writes is a sort of love poem, a love poem of the most incandescent and risky and reckless and sensual sort.”

Fisher-Wirth has received fellowships from the Black Earth Institute, the Fulbright Foundation, and the Mississippi Arts Commission, among others. She teaches English and environmental studies at the University of Mississippi. She lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

Selected Bibliography

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By This Poet


Vicksburg National Military Park

Just this—

When they were my sons
I would pull the covers up
around their ears
and tuck them in,
smooth their hair,
kiss their salty eyelids.
Now gingko leaves
make golden blankets
around the tombstone
of a boy from Iowa
and another I can’t read,
and another another
another another another
as far as I can see
scattered across the hillside
this autumn and every
autumn beyond counting.