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Amelia Josephine Burr


Amelia Josephine Burr was born in New York City in 1878. She graduated from Hunter College and served in the Red Cross duyring World War I. Burr published several collections of poetry, including Selected Lyrics (George H. Doran, 1927) and The Silver Trumpet (George H. Doran, 1918), a book of verse about the war. She was also the author of several plays and novels, including A Dealer in Empire: A Romance (Harper & Brothers, 1915) and The Point of Life: A Play in Three Acts (The Hillside Press, 1907). She died in 1968.

By This Poet


Red Cross Work

         (Or the vigilantes)

Interminable folds of gauze
For those whom we shall never see....
Remember, when your fingers pause,
That every drop of blood to stain
Their whiteness, falls for you and me,
Part of the price that keeps us free
To serve our own, that keeps us clean
For shame that other women know....
O, saviours we have never seen,
Forgive us that we are so slow!
God—if that blood should cry in vain,
And we have let our moments go!


We shall not shiver as we vainly try
To stir cold ashes once again to fire,
Nor bury a dead passion, you and I.
The wind that weds a moment sea and sky
In one exultant storm and passes by,
Was our desire.