Wild Is the Wind

There is a movie called "She's Gotta Have It."
There is a blizzard in Massachusetts today.
Twenty-one people died in Chicago last night.
Two of my friends live there,
but I have never wanted to live there
because it is cold there and people die
from the cold and the wind and from each other.
There is a movie called "Chicago."
I saw it yesterday in Massachusetts.
The wind is shaking our house this morning
but it's warm inside. One of my friends
in Chicago loves to have sex, the other
thinks she might but she's scared
because she passed out the first time
she had sex with someone else but that
was only a few months ago before it got so cold
in Chicago. I’ve had sex with one of my friends from Chicago
but not the other one though I wouldn’t have sex
with either of them now after I’ve read how it is always
colder in Chicago than it is in Massachusetts
because of the wind. "Wild is the Wind" is a song
by Nina Simone about not having sex with your friends
in Chicago. That’s not true. Twenty-one people
died in Chicago last night but not two of my friends
or me because I live in Massachusetts.

Copyright © 2005 Travis Nichols.