The Union of the Flags

We have hung out the flags that we love best—
   The British, the French and our own;
Adoring we see them together,
   That never together were flown!
And we feel in the bond is a blessing
   For every grief to atone.

O flag of my own Land, give welcome!
   Be proud to embrace, fold with fold,
These emblems of service heroic
   Whose measure can never be told:
These banners that speak to the future
   Of honor that shall not grow old!

Across them is Sacrifice written;
   They voice peoples generous, brave,
Who, suffering all men can suffer
   This side of eternity, gave
Their best with unflinching devotion,
   The wronged and the helpless to save.

They poured out their hearts’ blood for freedom;
   They stood in the terrible way,
And bore the full brunt of the onslaught
   That darkened the sun at noonday.
We gaze with dimmed eyes on their Colors,
   Out souls strong for duty as they!

We will stand with high hearts by our Allies,
   With fear of no evil but shame;
We will face coward Death and outface him,
   In Liberty’s eloquent name;
For we’re of the brood of the Lion
   That Tyranny never could tame!

This poem is in the public domain.