Twenties 26

Undergone swamp ticket   relative 
whist natural sweep   innate bicker 
flight notion  reach out tinsel reckoning 
bit  straddle  iniquitous ramble stung

Famous furniture instant paschal 
passionate Runnymede licorice 
feature departure   frequency gnash 
lance    sweat lodge rampart crow

Neck Bedlam philosophaster rain drape 
lack fragile limitation   bitartrate 
fence lenghen tinge impinge  classed 
Fenster   planetary knocked market

Glass killjoy vanity  infanta part song 
king  cleanse vast chromium watch it 
neat      intense yellow cholera 
ornithology insistence     pantry

Torque normal fax center globe host 
yammer ratchet     zinc memory 
yield  texture  tenure   Penelope 
reed liter   risible stashed incomprehension

             11 February 1990
          Kennedy Airport. New York
           en route to San Diego

From Twenties: 100 Poems, published by Roof Books, 1991. Copyright © 1991 by Jackson Mac Low. Reprinted with permission.