Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

A candle: presented in the water

Shall the boundary: seen before the boundary: lift the law:

To the end as may be: to the end as first the fountain of a lower key: the
guaranty the virtue behind clarity which I make you: for this where

	neither dove nor crow has flown:

As the now to ascertain, in the yet obscured: we speak juxtaposed: in the
juxtaposed: without knowing what wills the ruins.

This treaty shall be: this treaty shall be: the boundary seen before the
signature: we speak now: the fountain of a lower key: the guaranty: the
greater wilt the virtue behind

	clarity: with bells on his ankles in the margins of story:

The treaty of amity, commerce & navigation: the treatise to fortify: in the
name of you: through virtue: in the near as you: the wilt which is body: a 
candle in water

With the now to ascertain, with it ever yet: shall the boundary be the
boundary not the treaty: we speak the yet: a single candle: where the
context exceeds the phrase:

We speak the candle: we speak water to announce the end:
to sincerity’s calamities: desire the end as may be:

	with it every yet, as the snow is to ascertain in it:
        near as you: the ruins where the will is free.

From Museum of the Americas (Penguin Books, 2018). Copyright © 2018 by J. Michael Martinez. Used with the permission of the author.