Sustain Petal

Come on, you who remembers your dreams
who acts upon them in this world
Come you who I often and silently call
so that I may be with you
Come and sustain me
and I will sustain you 
with what sustenance I have
with the curls of revolutionary quiet
with lovely baroque convolutions of thought
Come make with me a baby
of both of us
A new and separate being
with brothers & sisters
born & unborn
Who we will meet and recognize
as time progresses
we know not
isn't that the 
Beauty of it
late into the nights
early in the Day
sleeping and waking
when apart not separate
for the distant vibrational hum
if I listen under the earth
lets me listen to myself
The Full Register 
of the Earth
all Musics of the Spheres
the waters
we have within each other
and all around
the very air
Share our perceptions
Respect our quiets
Heal our hurts
throats and necks
backs and hearts
Protect to Open
Make a new life
For those around us fully
and for those
To come

To come 

From The Sleep That Changed Everything by Lee Ann Brown. Copyright © 2003 by Lee Ann Brown. Reproduced by permission of Wesleyan University Press. All rights reserved.