Summer Song

I wander on the sunny lea,
Where yellow-birds sing liberty,
And briar-roses bless the air
With gracefulness and fragrance rare;
The sky is very blue to see,
A living blue so near to thee,
And clouds caress the meadow fair,
Trailing rapid shadows there.
O come and wander on the lea!
O wander in the sun with me!

Ay, thou art with me, gypsy lass,
Noiseless as the airs that pass;
Slender as the shadow things
The rose-vine on the meadow flings,
Graceful as the way grass;
And tender too, as tender as
The trembling of the she-bird’s wings,
Whose golden little lover sings.
A happy song my wand’ring has,
For thou art with me, gypsy lass!

From Child of the Amazons, and other poems (New York & London, Mitchell Kennerley, 1913) by Max Eastman. Copyright © Mitchell Kennerly. This poem is in the public domain.