Spring in Tulwa Thlocco

*Tulwa Thlocco—A large settlement of people. This settlement lies on the north side of the Oktahatchee.

Thro’ the vine-embowered portal blows 
   The fragrant breath of summer-time; 
Far, the river, brightly winding, goes  
    With murmurs falling into rhyme.  
It is spring in Tulwa Thlocco now;  
   The fresher hue of grass and tree  
All but hides upon the mountain’s brow  
   The green haunts of the chickadee.  
There are drifts of plum blooms, snowy white,  
   Along the lane and greening hedge;  
And the dogwood blossoms cast a light  
    Upon the forest’s dusky edge.  
Crocus, earliest flower of the year,  
   Hangs out its starry petals where  
The spring beauties in their hiding peer, 
   And the red-buds crimson all the air.  

This poem is in the public domain.