The Spanish Needle

Lovely dainty Spanish needle
         With your yellow flower and white,
Dew bedecked and softly sleeping,
         Do you think of me to-night?

Shadowed by the spreading mango,
         Nodding o'er the rippling stream,
Tell me, dear plant of my childhood,
         Do you of the exile dream?

Do you see me by the brook's side
         Catching crayfish 'neath the stone,
As you did the day you whispered:
         Leave the harmless dears alone?

Do you see me in the meadow
         Coming from the woodland spring
With a bamboo on my shoulder
         And a pail slung from a string?

Do you see me all expectant
         Lying in an orange grove,
While the swee-swees sing above me,
         Waiting for my elf-eyed love?

Lovely dainty Spanish needle,
         Source to me of sweet delight,
In your far-off sunny southland
         Do you dream of me to-night?

From Harlem Shadows (New York, Harcourt, Brace and company, 1922) by Claude McKay. This poem is in the public domain.