"from The Sky Forever" [reenact reincarnate the earthquake]

                                                                                                      reenact reincarnate the earthquake

                                               on the long return to your bed

iamb tendril threading     fretted fingers                              strummed purr crest into soft pang

landing buzz                       stomach pit’s nervy light radius

                                                                                                      compass me

                                                                                                      snaking infinite under ink

                                                                                                      kin planar prisms of eyelids

                                                                                                      bloomed lip landscape plaid

                                                                                                      under brim look at me ancestral

                                                                                                      hollows invaded millennia

                                                                                                      dwell binding curtains closed eyes 

                                                                                                      now intimate idioms 


“from The Sky Forever” [to say your land vanished]

to say your land vanished               into thinness                              scrap under your feet

when the name                                 feels the same in the mouth   who is the most hysterical person

to say I was never meant to            the origin moment                    do you remember laughing

be about poetry’s originating         in childhood trauma                  when the first American boot 

hit the ground in a cloud                of dust maybe before that         you’re killing me   










a feeling has passed before a charted present

I wanted to write a book that was like lying down.
            —Bhanu Kapil

a feeling has passed before a charted present
a possibly expired desire
a replacement of Whitman’s body with his opposite
a polite vengeance

a presumed minor literature
a simile not in force
a yoking of the concrete
a myth makes

a body subject to forces not legislated to pass over a same
a memory uncertain about a sentence
a certain observation of an indefinite object
a response barely stands

a sentence only to signal an unwritten
a demand for a law barring its passage and end
a tapeworm, a pinworm, a hookworm, a threadworm
a fluke a sentence wants never to end