Self Addressed

Love over hate.
Dedication over expectation.
Know yourself.
Recognize your ego.
Practice peace.
Accept reality.
Be the change.
Dream fearlessly.
Give freely.
Love yourself to love others.
Remember where you came from.
You are accountable to the stars.
Value your energy.
Practice gratitude.
Take pride in your work.
Empower your community.
Teach the children.
Listen more than you talk.
Slow down.

On Falling

Sometimes when night falls
it drifts gently to the ground silently
the way dandelions or bubbles do
a blanket over sleeping children
                Other times
It falls like fine china from shelves
weakened over years
or bricks dropped off of skyscrapers


Sometimes when people fall
they fall like love
Into and out of
Head and heels
and such

            Other times
they fall like prey
or victim
to knees
from grace


You are enough

Divinity flows in your fingertips
        with light so radiant
        every beat of your heart
a victory march
made of whole universes
        stitched by the hands of creation
        with flawless design
a prophecy You fulfill perfectly with every breath


The sun wouldn’t shine the same without it
Creation is only waiting for You
                to smile back at it

Do you see it yet?

You are enough
        For the birds to sing about
        For the seeds to sprout about
        For the stars to shoot about

        Do you see it yet?

        Gardens in your speech
Fields of wildflowers in your prayers
        Lighthouses in your eyes
    No one else can see it for you

You have always been enough
You will always be enough

Your simple act of being is enough

            Do you see it yet?

The Moving Truck Poem

In the back of the moving truck
                When the door shuts
                                          And it all goes dark
                    And the engine starts
            And the vibrations shake
                Everything that was not tied down properly
Gets jostled
                            As the weight shifts
When the truck leaves
                And some things fall
                        With every turn            And heirlooms break
                That we have held onto                            Because we were supposed to

                    We do not stop moving

            Because we know
            that when we get
            to the new house
            it will be bigger
                    and better
            and more beautiful
            with no cracks in the foundation
            and enough room for everyone
            to sleep peacefully.