Remember Re mem ber ing

Before the beginning
before the rising sun
before the thought of future
before the prayer of separation
world torn from worlds
before sea crept from earth by moon beam
before moon
before desert
when all was a black dot.

Before the beginning
when motion was the only religion
lonely then too
I evoked a cover folded you into a womb and
beckoned beckoned
for you to form me from under an ignited sky
of ocean.
And in the rich exchange of cyclic respiration
and in the deep marbling of spirit
we created the air and spilled our progeny into
the soundless flight of flickering novae.

Before the beginning
before I became aware of myself you were there
my beloved my projection my constant.
You were the light floating a walk across
a montage of darkness.

Before my brain could see
you were the humble mind of space
my betrothed. You are the fourth dimension
time in a feminine envelope the clock of my spirit
my germ dormant is the tick of your memory
theology of heart.

For 66 trillion eons I searched the unseen for you
exiled from my center.
Oh my core, do you not recognize your living ancestor?
I am the broth of your tears.
You look to me through the glazed fever of forget
Alzheimer’s of the soul!
Even when you were sightless you
were yet a bed of vision.
Spiritual amnesia is surely my sorrow.

From Bleeding Fire! Tap the Eternal Spring of Regenerative Light (Broadside Lotus Press and Health Collectors LLC, 2019) by Semaj Brown. Copyright © 2019 by Semaj Brown. Used with the permission of the author.