Come to the surface of the screen with your piscine light 
and oxygen holes and press for moments 
against the page—as if seeking to pass through it.

Make with the trunk of your body the third letter— 
in a motion move the ends of your face and caudal fin
each to your right, toward each other — C. 

Toward the third hour on your axis—
and in the same motion sweep your trunk back, 
tail beat pushing through the ninth hour, moving you 

headfirst in the new direction and off the screen—
this movement follow with movement of more bodies,
simultaneous, unselfconscious, aggregate—

choral, co-created, a gathering
of you in the mind—oscillate behind the screen like a wheel 
of bodies, a promenade—it we you he she— 

move through the water column, skins of bodies, 
similar, discreet—company, crowd, collection, 
shoal and plural movement of consciousness.

Setting and set by the turbid water in motion, 
the new law of movement. Dissolution
and coming into being. Appear as lights

and images on the screen, your voices faded
to an inaudible and drawn-out O!
meaning here is the place we asked for!

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Fellini in Purgatory

He was shoveling sand
at the edge of the water, his heavy black glasses
glittered with rain:

"Don't you see how much like a woman I am?"
Shovel, shovel.

His throat was wrapped in water, 
and the water flowered with milt.

Shoveler, are you eating the earth?
Earth eating you?

Teach me
what I have to have
to live in this country.

And he, as calm as calm, though he was dead:
"Oh,—milt,—and we're all of us milt."