pidgin toe

on di saké menu no descriptive like quiet & smooth.
lean & firm. dry seems redundant. di comedic
pause dat carry so much inna tree letas. wen
di flesh breaks, a ranginamu glimma free itself to become
sky misty aan di temple. a strait of islands set against
a hazel setting inna di west. kolo pollo. morning is belated
aftanoon whey mourning dove & starling sing der
medley of five songs wich scratch at nickel clouds.
showcase loose silver reatas. aroha. der claws carving
tools. der beaks pick & sift gravel. it said inna myth
dat di rooster was sent down from heaven to shape
di earth. dat di world was once all wata. dat di rooster
no call out ‘pōkokohua’. wat yuh create w/ yrs out of wood,
metal & lacquer? di descriptive begin again. dreamy. reka reka
            engari ia mīere.
ae, dry is practical. perhaps necessary for di lineage. di sky 
neither dusk nor honolulu azure. di sparrow medley
now tree or two. di manner of tings arrive wen di sun cracks
di pastel smear. in di end, e taku hoa pūmau purotu,
                                             di hair gladly protest shampoo.

            e taku tamatāne ngaro mokemoke,

in di end, gochira get devoured by sand dollah.

Copyright © 2014 by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs. Used with permission of the author. This poem appeared in Poem-a-Day on July 30, 2014.