I am who I am
younger than you
might think though
older than I
thought possible
Like everybody
I like sunsets
hiking, baseball
and movies; also
were the Lord
in His wisdom
to bless me
with a sailboat
I am sure I would
enjoy sailing. I like
to see myself in my
mind lying on a
sailboat gazing
at the stars. I like
to see myself
as adventurous
a rebel and a dreamer
someone willing
to take chances
I am nice looking
and intelligent, honest
shy, caring, sensitive
and open-minded
Nothing to write home
about, though
you would not
be embarrassed
or ashamed
to take me home
to your mother
or your apartment
I am not opposed
to children, yours
or ours. I am
who I am
which is to say
because you are
reading this

Copyright © 2008 by Anthony Walton. This poem was first printed in 32 Poems, Vol. 6, No. 2 (Fall–Winter 2008). Used with the permission of the author.