The Parting of the Year

The midnight hour had come. With tearful eyes
And sad the Old Year strained I to my breast.
For we were loth to part—his lips I pressed
All tenderly in answer to his sighs.
A generous lover he; to say good-bye
Wrung heart and soul, bowed was his head and chilled
The hand with gifts and blessings lately filled.
’Twas hard to part—the dear Old Year and I.

        Lo! as he lingered, came thro’ casement pane
        A silvery summons echoing far and near.
        He faltered, trembled, gasped, then thrust atwain
        The casement, vanished in the starlight clear,
        No vestige leaving of his happy reign,
        While hand in hand stood I and the New Year!

This poem was published in Sonnets and Love Poems (J. J. Little, 1892). This poem is in the public domain.