from “[the old soiled carpet of the wish to be Anaïs]”

            writing on the bruised
body and seeing into the
bruise’s locked backyard, not
psychoanalyzing the incursion
but appreciating its scissory
up and down


            remembering the wish
to be Anaïs Nin—


            stepping on the old soiled
carpet of the wish to be Anaïs—


the pullulation of scratch marks
and their glistering anonymity


British perfume wrongly purchased
for stepfather—the perfume stank
so why did I buy it?


            the entire sky
with a palette knife is scratched
turquoise opal—
no underlying tint to betray it


a sick tint inundating the marsh


I celebrate mother’s sunset
or I am cloud making her
sunset more inspiringly Turneresque—


to scratch through the page until
it dies, and no credit given
to the scratcher


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Into the unisex nursery's toilet my undershirt falls.
I fish it out and find my face on a marquee.

Florida: in sneakers, I construct
Delft shelves to store scrawled diagnoses.

I enter an observation tank
(rightly considered tragic, irreversible)

to greet the hatchetfaced magician whose dead mother
says welcome back, implying I've been fired.

Through Skinner Box glass 
he watches me play with dildos, blades. Entranced 

by unending orgasm, I dismiss his tendency 
to find amelioration in experience's fluctuating shallows.

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Behind Perfume, Only Solitude

Ink will come.  Lamp lung
breathes light at the edge
of an idea.  The edge
an idea, also the door

of the room 
that silence opens.

The pen sighs, a lens
for the shut-in light.
Breathe me, light.
Have the idea to have me.