Nude Kneeling in Sand

The girl in the sand
colored hat
of unfinished straw
with its sides of waves
of water weaving
in the winds of her
yellow hair, her eyes
hives of bees, touch-
es her breasts toward her knees.

Like a child she digs
and buries 
her thin hands in the
desirable flesh
colored sands, as small
animals or pairs
of birds that wait to
rise and stir scat-
tering streams of amber myrrh.

Out of ecstasy
her bright mouth
opens to the sun
as she lifts herself
to it and rests, with 
breasts sweet and full, back
beautifully curved,
arms down, lap and
loins packed with moist, golden coin.

From John Logan: The Collected Poems (BOA Editions, 2001) by John Logan. Copyright © 2001 by John Logan Literary Estate, Inc. Used with the permission of the publisher.