NINE, 40

Take a good look, she says about her inventory. 

Palatially housed, her inflammatory and multifaceted

    set of selves. 

Old brain inside the new brain, inside the skull. 

The exact velocity of quantum particles cannot be known. 

Like wave equations in the space of certain dimensions. 

I never thought that things would go this far. 

Angular momentum of closely-knit and sexually
    adventurous people. 

Any piece of matter, when heated, starts to glow. 

It’s that kind of relationship that’s built on friction.

NINE, 86

The insubstantial and changing quality of space is appreciated.
Intellectual understanding is based on harmless and spontaneous perception.
Supposition gold-digger advocating pleasure—be the laughing stock!
Amber cushion softly evident seagull commentary, we shall prevail.
Tirelessly pedaling along the ever present source of ideas.
Long, drawn-out suffering is not what we're after.
Palpably diligent search for the hidden order in art.
Studying aspects of artistic imagination, the kinds of attention.
Conscious and unconscious scanning of perceptual stress and oscillation.

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Of Being Numerous, 40

                                                                  Whitman: 'April 19, 1864

The capitol grows upon one in time, especially as they have got
the great figure on top of it now, and you can see it very well. It
is a great bronze figure, the Genius of Liberty I suppose. It looks
wonderful toward sundown. I love to go and look at it. The sun
when it is nearly down shines on the headpiece and it dazzles
and glistens like a big star: it looks quite