from “n e a r”

                                                       of the let 

                                                       dyed a grammar 
                                                       in that lottery staggered 

                                                       like moss 
                                                       a will blinded 

                                                       by the well 
                                                       wall of tonsil 

                                                       shot through with dross 
                                                       which is flat accompaniment 

                                                       are these vessels 

                                                       to do with movement or arrest



acclaim remit for
a great availment
repertory coarsely dotted
amend flight with hand
glib remain an etch 



                                                       of the rid

                                                       respite of the new fled
                                                       of reconnaissance

                                                       comply to the tooth of fine

                                                       gussy up 
                                                       to relation





line of the sentinel form
of the heel 
missions of capitulation
cauterized by willful sabbatical 



                                                       of the sort 
                                                       of verbal emollient

                                                       flattered to grease               

                                                       breathing a new murmur

                                                       flutter of 

                                                       like a glass


                                                       where i wait



recount near a setting dubbed
glad with inability with arrangement
loose fit the straight fit
blossoming something 



                                                       of address
                                                       emerging the cut out of fluency 

                                                       more literate than

                                                       could see through 
                                                       an annulment

                                                       in the representative floor


                                                       to imagine
                                                       the correct

                                                       routed mouth

Copyright © 2023 by Genji Amino. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on September 28, 2023, by the Academy of American Poets.