Many Horses

The day you arrived on your Turquoise Horse I was already riding my Rainbow Horse, as we were promised beautiful horses to carry us into this world.  On this Rain-blessed earth you will pause at Ch’ooshgai to sing:

Dził bich’ì’ yishááł . . . I am approaching the mountain
Dził bikáá’ haashá . . . I am ascending the mountain
Dził bikáá’naashá . . . I am walking on the mountain
Dził bąądóó adaashááh . . . I am descending the mountain
Dził bits’ąąjį́ dah diishááh . . . I am leaving the mountain

I wait for you at the mouth of Deep Within the Rock.  You arrive wearing the scent of sage, and this mountain song pouring from the cup of your heart, the way the Diné spiraled into this world protected with a song.  I recognize you by your sweet song and your horse. We urge our horses on.  Tracks imbedded in the sand.

From Tséyi’ / Deep in the Rock: Reflections on Canyon de Chelly (The University of Arizona Press, 2005) by Laura Tohe. Copyright © 2005 by Laura Tohe. Used with the permission of the author.