This' Life as a Girl In ONE-PART Harmony...

Though idle air filtered
boundless lands
in slimy thongs mumbling
brandished the outcrop.

"Below, where we all fall
if we're not careful, listen:
Not to mount these rough, scaled
organs, offspringing serpents,
but take me.

The old-time love-joints,
remember, ravishing?

Unravel this vacuum.  These
huge silent estates.  Quick, now
that we're running out of cups:
Tarry flesh and foul blot
these years.  I'm asking the favor

of enjoyment,
trapped and bloodless, though

So the wounds stopped, convinced.

The up-hill way home, steep
and indecisive, edged in night,
pitched and failed.  To eager an instant,
she slipped and drained off.

Yields to air, a second time,
her transparencies and openings marvelous,
she left.

He cultivated
This rock garden.

From Paramour by Stacy Doris. Copyright © 2000 by Stacy Doris. Published by Krupskaya Books. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.