Through the dark pine trunks
Silver and yellow gleam the clouds
And the sun;
The sea is faint purple.
My love, my love, I shall never reach you.


You are beautiful
As a straight red fox-glove
Among green plants;
I stretched out my hand to caress you:
It is blistered by the envious nettles.


I have spent hours this morning
Seeking in the brook
For a clear pebble
To remind me of your eyes.

And all the sleepless hours of night
I think of you.


Your kisses are poignant,
Ah! why must I leave you?

Here above I scribble and re-scribble
The words of a long-dead Greek Poet:
“Love, thou art terrible,
Ah, Love, thou are bitter-sweet!”

This poem is in the public domain.