In the grey tumult of these after years
    Oft silence falls; the incessant wranglers part;
And less-than-echoes of remembered tears
    Hush all the loud confusion of the heart;
And a shade, through the toss’d ranks of mirth and crying,
    Hungers, and pains, and each dull passionate mood,—
Quite lost, and all but all forgot, undying,
    Comes back the ecstasy of your quietude.

So a poor ghost, beside his misty streams,
Is haunted by strange doubts, evasive dreams,
    Hints of a pre-Lethean life, of men,
Stars, rocks, and flesh, things unintelligible,
    And light on weaving grass, he knows not when,
And feet that ran, but where, he cannot tell.

This poem is in the public domain.