The Good Moolly Cow [excerpt]

- 1787-1860
Come! supper is ready;
   Come! boys and girls, now,
For here is fresh milk
   From the good moolly cow.

Have done with your fife,
   And your row de dow dow,
And taste this sweet milk
   From the good moolly cow.

Whoever is fretting
   Must clear up his brow,
Or he'll have no milk
   From the good moolly cow.

When children are hungry,
   O, who can tell how
They love the fresh milk
   From the good moolly cow!

So, when you meet moolly,
   Just say, with a bow,
"Thank you for your milk,
   Mrs. Good Moolly Cow."

Lines on Nonsense

Yes, nonsense is a treasure!
   I love it from my heart;
The only earthly pleasure
   That never will depart.

But, as for stupid reason,
    That stalking, ten-foot rule,
She’s always out of season,
    A tedious, testy fool.

She’s like a walking steeple,
    With a clock for face and eyes,
Still bawling to all people,
   Time bids us to be wise.

While nonsense on the spire
    A weathercock you’ll find,
Than reason soaring higher,
    And changing with the wind.

The clock too oft deceives,
    Says what it cannot prove;
While every one believes
    The vane that turns above.

Reason oft speaks unbidden,
    And chides us to our face;
For which she should be chidden,
    And taught to know her place.

While nonsense smiles and chatters,
    And says such charming things,
Like youthful hope she flatters;
    And like a syren sings.

Her charm’s from fancy borrowed,
    For she is fancy’s pet;
Her name is on her forehead,
    In rainbow colors set.

Then, nonsense let us cherish,
    Far, far from reason’s light;
Lest in her light she perish,
   And vanish from our sight.