Golden—Of the Selkirks

A trail upwinds from Golden; 
It leads to a land God only knows,
To the land of eternal frozen snows,
That trail unknown and olden. 

And they tell a tale that is strange and wild—
Of a lovely and lonely mountain child
That went up the train from Golden. 

A child in the sweet of her womanhood,
Beautiful, tender, grave and good
As the saints in time long olden. 

And the days count not, nor the weeks avail;
For the child that went up the mountain trail
Came never again to Golden. 

And the watchers wept in the midnight gloom, 
Where the cañons yawn and the Selkirks loom, 
For the love that they knew of olden. 

And April dawned, with its suns aflame, 
And the eagles wheeled and the vultures came
And poised o’er the town of Golden. 

God of the white eternal peaks, 
Guard the dead while the vulture seeks!—
God of the days so olden. 

For only God in His greatness knows,
Where the mountain holly above her grows, 
On the trail that leads from Golden. 

From Flint and Feather: The Complete Poems of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (The Musson Book Co., Limited, 1917) by Emily Pauline Johnson. This poem is in the public domain.