Girl Country

“Of the 11 million abandoned children, 90% are girls.”
—Times of India

abandon: verb

in Hindi: Chōra dēnā

1.    to cease support or look after (someone); desert

Indian woman delivers,
abandons baby in plane toilet. 2010

“More than half of India’s billion-plus
population is below age 25.”

2.    give up completely

Seven-day-old baby girl left
abandoned in hospital. 2012

“In India, one in six girls
does not live to see her fifteenth

3. (abandon oneself to) allow oneself to indulge in (a desire or impulse)

Father abandons
baby girl on train. 2012.

“India is a dangerous place
to be a woman.”

Originally published in Adrienne Journal, Issue 04. Copyright © 2014 by Ansley Moon. Used with the permission of the poet.