For Fear

For fear of prowling beasts at night
  They blocked the cave;
Women and children hid from sight,
   Men scarce more brave.

For fear of warrior's sword and spear
   They barred the gate;
Women and children lived in fear,
   Men lived in hate.

For fear of criminals today
   We lock the door;
Women and children still to stay
   Hid evermore.

Come out! Ye need no longer hide!
   What fear you now?
No wolf or lion waits outside–
   Only a cow.

Come out! The world approaches peace,
   War nears its end;
No warrior watches your release–
   Only a friend.

Come out! The night of crime has fled–
   Day is begun;
Here is no criminal to dread–
   Only your son.

The world, half yours, demands your care,
   Waken and come!
Make it a woman's world; safe, fair,
   Garden and home.

This poem is in the public domain.