flash card. fever down.

"arépa!" as an expletive--translation=pancake. flip flop
happy feet: corn is what we've got & worth it. 

scholars, watchdogs, tactics, public. thanks to you,
CHARLES LEWIS. how long before my membership to anti-
slavery international tags me as an accessory to a terrorist
organization? naming corporations who use bonded labor
to suck oil is, as they say, unpatriotic. read between the

if you're free & in. if you're running late. if you're burning
a mix. if you're better & better. love. love. wondering.

the gift of an eye for horror. have tape, will capture.
sweetest v-day of the freedom freaks. we shall overthrow.
frozen toes or no.

4 million in the streets & all mobile, save NYC. saying no
to war were college students, middle-aged couples,
families, veterans of the 60s civil rights movement,
Average White Guys for Peace, laborers,
environmentalists, Christians, businessfolk, and elderly
ladies wearing pink kerchiefs who, after 80 years of
globalization, just--can't--take it anymore!

rage & helplessness abound in the barricades, controlled,
inward, still denied assembly, right to sidewalks kicked to
the curb. beating the penned-in kneeling puppets,
chickens watch. standoff in SoHo rings DROP BUSH, NOT

their F-15 = detect / acquire / track / attack. the single-
seat, low-drag, superior-weapon, Eagle air.

mythological in stature: war reasons & their means.

actual in cost: $2,000 per family, here; entire families,

From Occupied by Carol Mirakove. Copyright © 2004 by Carol Mirakove. Reprinted by permission of Kelsey St. Press. All rights reserved.