Explaining the Resurrection in Simple Words

A blessing can be the act
of invoking divine
or a favor or gift
bestowed by god,
and I don’t know
how to define mercy,
but the field
is lit like the heart
of the night, gnats flitting
above the crosshatched grass,
huge shadows of the ballplayers in stadium light
whistling in signals
from the outfield.
The wind lifts and settles
our shirts against our skin,
and you ask after my day:
there’d been pinwheels
spinning on a rain-soaked lawn, pigeons
cooing and nesting in the gutters.
I’d pressed my back to the dark
damp wood of the trunk.
Yellow flowers fell on me.

From North American Stadiums by Grady Chambers. Copyright © 2018 by Grady Chambers. Used with the permission of Milkweed Editions.