Come On in The Song of the Changes

it’s the listener determine what it is
be singing that come on    ain no siren

in that song    ‘cept going off in the hearing
if you can’t    sing how you know a song

from anything else    what you think
be callin’  you but song —

the sound of your thoughts’ running come on
baby don’t you want to     go —

and everything pulls over to the side
traffic lights stop sayin’ what they sayin’

and suddenly sally ride sally’s ride
right on    by —

peoples wives and children disappear    out of nowhere
some drive their gold teeth back home  a deepened run in gear.



you can come on in that kitchen
if you willing to let rain scare you to.

outside be coming down its cats and dogs
at each other   bright as gold    as is its in

-escapable cache of day  its pots and pan sky ringing
its belly purses fat       full or not —    the song

rain or shine. or
you better    come on in that kitchen.

that siren not a devil    that mercy seat less
savior    than common sense calling you to right

your seating rather than fall over your chair
ship voted out flat    on yo misled ass —  not up in the air

any throne   any call’s adventure leads you
to pay attention       to the ground your standing come on in

Copyright © 2023 by Ed Roberson. Used with permission of the author. All rights reserved.