a chair on a highway on a rainy afternoon

a velvet chair
standing by itself
	      on a highway
a chair standing by itself on a highway
means its life is over
a life of ups and downs
	       before it was brought here
		             and left beside the grass
it was laid down squarely
thanks to a final gesture of love
with all four legs standing against the asphalt
this rushes an image to my mind:
	      a wandering soul who leisurely sits here
between the passing cars
	      and the mud
but really no soul can be so foolish 
	      to come and sit on a torn old abandoned chair
		            on a dark cold rainy September afternoon
			                  on a lightless highway
to give the chair
a little consolation
I conclude as follows:

	       there exists such a soul
	       just that he, or she, is 
not here
		             not now

Originally published in the November 2018 issue of Words Without Borders. “Cái ghế giữa xa lộ vào một buổi chiều mưa” first published in Tiền Vệ (www.tienve.org). © P.K. By arrangement with the author. Translation © 2018 by P.K. All rights reserved.