Au Hasard Balthazar

1974 I start
a memo on
dreadful vision

of Christian mildness
amidst Christian perps

bringing an evil
to hymns

water stations

I can wait
                a Polish actress

wide-set 50 mm
eyes restrictive 
yet yield surprise

my lap 
made of muscle

        knee caps
                        shoots    of errant hair

in that moment I understand
        my hand 

took place	

opus of
safe infant 

listen bud

no static guard 
on my acolyte robe 
as we learned last Sunday

another class of girl
wants to be destroyed

donned "beef 
cake" by summer
crown of blue 

now on a mantle 
house in a field

my animal
lives with sheep

feel bad that I beat you

problem with
only offering 
two options

Copyright © 2012 by Stacy Szymaszek. Used with permission of the author.