Leading up to this year’s National Poetry Month, we’re showcasing some of the innovative projects produced by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, which takes place each April and aims to reach every single person in Miami-Dade County with a poem.

This week's film, features the project "Secret Sonnets." In 2013, Connor Grey lost his eyesight to a gunshot wound. For O, Miami Poetry Festival 2015, he and his teacher Emily Nostro collected poems from citizens in Miami-Dade County, translated them into Braille, and then mailed them back to the addresses provided by the poets, along with a “cheat sheet” guide to reading Braille. O, Miami helped Grey and Nostro solicit and collect the poems, and then the poems were transcribed by students at South Plantation High School under the guidance of Grey and Nostro. Take a look.


Directed by P. Scott Cunningham
Videography by Jorge Gonzalez Graupera & Gesi Schilling
Edited by P. Scott Cunningham & Gesi Schilling 
Titles by Topos Graphics
Additional thanks to South Plantation High School