On April 18, 2015, artists Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares organized thirty-five fellow artists to dress as pirates and mermaids and recite Walt Whitman’s poem “After the Sea Ship” to passing boats on the Miami River. Using bullhorns and grouping on the shore, on rafts, and in small craft vessels, the “Poetry Pirates” entertained, delighted, and confused Miami citizens. "Poetry Pilates" was one among many innovative projects launched in National Poetry Month 2015 by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, whose mission is to reach every single citizen of Miami-Dade county with poetry during April.

Directed by P. Scott Cunningham
Videography by Jorge Gonzalez Graupera & Javier Sanchez
Edited by P. Scott Cunningham & Gesi Schilling 
Titles by Topos Graphics