Since 2011, the O, Miami Poetry Festival has collaborated with artists to create projects that aim to reach every single person in Miami-Dade County with a poem during the month of April. To achieve this mission, O, Miami has initiated some of the most innovative and unexpected projects in the United States. 

Beginning this month and leading up to April, we will showcase one film a week featuring some of the projects O, Miami has produced, as a way to inspire us all for what's to come this National Poetry Month.

The first film, Nite Life, highlights a poetry installation by artist Martine Syms, who excerpted text from Live at the Harlem Square Club, a recording of a performance by music legend Sam Cooke that took place in Miami's Overtown neighborhood in 1963. Syms creates a call-and-response text between Sam Cooke and the audience on wind screens that she posted on chain-link fence running along both sides of the streets in Miami’s Design District. Take a look.

Directed by P. Scott Cunningham
Videography by Jorge Gonzalez Graupera & Gesi Schilling
Edited by P. Scott Cunningham & Gesi Schilling
Titles by Topos Graphics