Leading up to this year’s National Poetry Month, we’re showcasing some of the innovative projects produced by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, which takes place each April and aims to reach every single person in Miami-Dade County with a poem.

This film features “My Soul’s Shadow,” an original performance by Chicago-based cinematic shadow puppetry collective Manual Cinema that was commissioned by the O, Miami Poetry Festival in April 2015 and debuted at an indoor-outdoor warehouse space generously donated by Little River // Miami. With original music composed by Kyle Vegter and performed by Nu Deco Orchestra, the performance blended the poetry of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca with lyricized episodes of Lorca’s life. Take a look.

Directed by P. Scott Cunningham
Videography by Jorge Gonzalez Graupera & Gesi Schilling
Edited by P. Scott Cunningham & Gesi Schilling 
Titles by Topos Graphics