by Jade, 13
The Village School, Eugene, Oregon 

The wind is the same thing as a breeze. The wind can sometimes take things from us. And up up and away they go. But for some of us its “hey what’s that blowing in the wind”. You can find all kinds of things in the wind. You can also lose all kinds of things in the wind. That’s how I found a dollar once. One day after school I was just walking and I saw a dollar floating in the wind so I decided to grab it. Just 1 dollar. A gift from the universe. It makes me wonder who lost that dollar, was it a he or a she? Was it someone right next to me or had that dollar come from somewhere far away? I may never know, but that’s all part of the mystery. The wind is an amazing thing. It creates this endless loop. It takes from the people who are very unlucky or don’t deserve something and gives to the people who are very lucky or do deserve something. I have lost many things and found many things in the wind. So have a lot of other people.

Written in Response to “The Owl" by Arthur Sze