by Charlotte, 15
Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, Maryland

Personally, I hide a lot of things.
From hiding my candy so my dad doesn’t eat it,
To hiding my true feelings.
I hide candy for obvious reasons; I have parents who love it as much as me.
I hide toys from my dogs, so that they’ll actually pay attention to me for once.
I hide my diary so that my brother won’t find it and use it against me.
Sometimes, I even hide my friends things so that they’re too busy trying to find them,
Instead of noticing that I am currently texting their crush.
Something, I might add, that they’re too embarrassed to do.
I hide my brother’s phone when he’s getting annoying or being flat out mean.
There’s other things that hide too, and not because of me.
Like owls during the day, so that they can make a big performance coming out at night.
Or pretty fish in the ocean when I try to find them.
But most of all, there’s one thing that I hide a lot;
Something I ought to stop doing.
That, is hiding my feelings.
For a while they hid like the fish in the ocean because I thought it was the right thing to do.
But lately,
Again like the fish; if you scare them, they come out.
And that, in a way, is like my feelings.
If you were to scare me, I would come out and say them.
I would probably come out and say them even if I wasn’t scared.
I don’t know.
Personally, I hide a lot of things;
And one of them isn’t my feelings.


Written in response to "Valentine for Ernest Mann" by Naomi Shihab Nye