by Mia, 9
Okemos Public Montessori School, Okemos, Michigan


There a wet leaf waves in the wind with dreams of summer.
There a snowflake falls from the sky in late December.
There the sky illuminates with rays of sun.
There a deer stops and attentively listens for distant footsteps.
There the art of the performing experts.
There a red needle wriggles its way through a cloth.
There a person manipulates words .
There a old tarantella is played, a haunting tune.
There one dreams of bears and claws.
There a Humpback Whale dives back into the sparkling ocean.
There a man rows the river with one oar.
There an actor remembers his lines and sings.
There the hearts for worshipping.
There colored beads are strung onto brightly colored string.
There one is calm.
There the blind wants to open his eyes to the world.
There is one tall oak.

Written in Response to “Here” by Arthur Sze