by Morgen, 9
Okemos Public Montessori School, Okemos, Michigan


In the ritual savannah the lion is strong and brave he runs with the speed of 56 mph.
He leaps with such strength to feed his pride of many.
You were meant to be the powerful creature you are now.
You were meant to roam the grasslands wild and free.
Your retractable claws slashing the flesh of your prey were meant to be for you.
You were meant to live well and long with much pride in yourself.
You were not meant to be taken away from your free life and barred up.
You were meant to be free. Free with pride.
The lion is a gentle creature but many don’t see that in you.
They see a terrible monster in you.
But how can man see such a horrible thing in you the most magnificent creature.  
The lion moves with such grace and elegance the lion cares about the life that she gives.
The lion is to be found in the great savannah with tall savannah trees that reach so high.
The lion is to be found in the depths of Europe but little live there.
The lion will blend with surrounding to feed his hungry pride.
The lions powerful roar can be heard for 5 miles away to call his mate.
The sleekness of the lion so beautiful and elegant. You were meant to leap a total of 36 feet.
The lion decreases because of the loss of man taken by man.
The scarcity of food could be for the lion.
Lions may live their life well and prideful then leave their pride after that lion’s time is done.
He will leave knowing he has served well in his pride.

Written in Response to “Manatee/Humanity” by Anne Waldman