Dear Mark Doty,

I read your poem "Brian Age Seven" I liked how it was talking about something most people wouldn't notice. It seems to me that you have an eye for things that are unnoticed to other people. You went on about the shapes whereas most people would just notice the bad drawings. I love how you chose this random idea as your topic. This poem is really interesting and I could read it many times easily.

Also why choose this? As your topic I mean. Why go into such detail about something so simple? It's weird. I like it though. I wish I had your eye for detail. You seem like the kinda person I would like to be friends with. The interesting parts are when you talk about the drawing's body, and the ice cream. You write poems that trigger an emotion in everyone!

I have a question, how do you start poems? How do you start other stories if you write them? Do you write anything else? How do you get inspiration for your poem? Sorry for all these questions, I just never really talked to a professional poet or writer!

I really like writing but I always get writers block, how do you get around that? When I'm writing I start reading what I've written and hating my writing. Do you have that? If so what do you do? Do you have someone else read it for you? If you reply to this can you give me some advice? 

I just really am in love with that poem! I hope that one day I can write poetry or books that trigger emotions like that! Thanks for taking the time to read this letter if you did!


Grade 5
Berwyn, Illinois