Dear Juan Felipe Herrera,

I hope you're having a good day. My name is Natalia. I'm a sophomore literary arts major in Petersburg, VA. In my Poetry I class, we read and listened to your poem, "All the Thoughts at a Football Game."
I really felt a connection to this poem. The opening line, "There are baby thoughts / in the shape of seaweed & pirate knives" was such striking imagery. The entire poem is a very fresh take on the mundane. It read as almost an aerial view of the sidelines. The small specifics: a papaya truck, a Staff Sergeant (as a military kid, I loved that), really grounded me. I could see the wet field, the players, the proud and anxious parents. The ending lines, "...his fury tumbles & / finds a route / to launch & spin his body / toward a shifting goal" was a new imagery and I could see the movements of the players. 
This poem introduced new imagery and ways to describe action to me. As a poet, I like minimalist poetry and I don't write much action. I also tend to stay stagnant; I'm not very adept at traveling in my poetry. Poetry is my favorite genre of writing. I like how much of a story can be shared in only a few fragmented lines. Being open to interpretation and having many layers are what I strive for in my work. In my Poetry class, we've read and responded to different types of poetry, from narrative to various forms. I've even written a poem in Spanish and English. I loved reading and listening to your poem and the inspiration it spurred. 
Thank you so much for your time. I really enjoyed your poem and I appreciate the opportunity to write to you!
Grade 10
Petersburg, VA