Dear Juan Felipe from Jalen

Dear Juan Felipe,

In your poem, “All the Thoughts at a Football Game,” I observed that you included very precise and detailed imagery allowing myself (as well as other readers) to have both a better understanding of your piece, and feel what you say in each line of your poem. Another very intriguing subject I found in your piece is your strong use of vocabulary and the way you transition line from line. After reading your piece, I ponder, why did you decide to include a large quantity of imagery throughout your poem? Your imagery reminds me of a time when I once played football with my eyes fully focused on the game and my ears focused only on surroundings. I remember anxiously waiting to get back in the game, while I heard the crowd chanting for both the opposing team and my team. It all seemed as if time slowed down. I also wonder, what does writing specifically mean to you? To me, it’s a safe haven where you are able to express anything on your mind. My name is Jalen, and I currently am preparing to transition from eighth grade to high school. You have inspired me to continue on working on my writing and to fulfill my pieces finishing all of them.


Grade 8

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